Baby shoes rainbow pattern


One in four pregnancies ends in the loss of a child. This can be caused by miscarriage, stillbirth, peranatal or neonatal death.

The loss of a child or miscarriage itself is undoubtedly a destressing experience and a traumatic loss for every woman faced with it. Having once suffered from this, women are overwhelmed with the full range of negative emotions, such as despair, anger, fear, isolation and denial. Besides, they might feel that they are the cause of the miscarriage through something they have done. They feel abandonment and they grieve for their profound loss; they are actually in bereavement, asking themselves questions like : "Why has it happened to me?", "What could I do to prevent it?"

After such a loss one should learn to live from scratch.

Angels Care is a public organisation that supports parents who have experienced the loss of a child during pregnancy, childbirth or shortly thereafter.

The online program will allow you to cope with complicated emotions, restore your inner strength to cope with grief at your own pace and in the enabling environment.

Rainbow babies are children who become angels for their families after too early lost.  

LittleBeeMocs supports the only organization in Ukraine that helps families get through their loss, regain hope and give strength to move forward.

By buying moccasins with a rainbow pattern on them, you support the work of  Angels Care, as  the profit is donated to the mentioned organization.

Thank you for supporting those who are in need and giving hope to those who are in despair.

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